Classic Rye with Carrots
Classic Rye with Carrots
100% Rye
Classic Rye with Carrots 1 pack
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Classic Rye with Carrots 4 pack
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  • What happens
    in our Bakerye

    The baker’s first job – arrive in a good mood.
    Take ground rye grains.
    Place into wooden trays.
    Let dough rise without haste.
    Shoot the loaves into the ovens on the longest shovels in the world.
    Fire only with branchless wood.

  • Vocabularye for
    our Bread

    100% rye grains, grown in Northern Europe.
    Freshly cut carrots.
    Pure Water.
    No preservatives ever.
    Fully natural.
    B – The original slowbaked bread.

  • Your

    Rye bread has a rich and hearty taste. But for some Vikings that wasn’t enough – so they added freshly cut carrots to it. A single slice of this bread will instantly make you feeling lavishly nourished. What’s more – wholegrain rye fibers can help fight diabetes and cardiovascular disease, promote digestive health and weight management. If interested, we suggest you read more about the health benefits of rye by visiting

  • Suggestions for
    your Librarye

    Kalevala – the epic poem from Finland about men who loved rye and carrots.

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