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  • this is a true story about slowbaked bread

    In fact, it's the kind of bread that's baked so slowly it all but vanished from the shelves of bustling American grocery stores long ago. Slowbaked and handmade. After all, who can afford to spend more than 38 hours baking a single loaf of bread anyway? Well… we can!


    These rye grains are so completely wholesome that no further ingredients are required to bake our original slowbaked rye bread! The first step is to mix rye flour with scalding water. Then we add some rye malts and a little leavening from previous batches. In a slow and completely natural process, it then takes 36 hours for the dough to rise. And from it rises a powerful breathtaking aroma!

    double bake

    The dough is then caringly formed into loaves by hand. The loaves are baked in not one, but two separate ovens. The first, at almost 1,000 F, gives the bread its crunchy crust in precisely nine seconds. Crisp. Then the second oven bakes the bread for two hours at 500 F. Slow and thorough. Both wood-fired ovens are stoked only with smooth, branchless timber. This is the only way oven temperatures can be kept even and steady in a fully natural process.

    your health

    We know that bread made like this tastes better. And that the rye grains retain all of their best qualities. Storye bread comes as a natural power package of vital fibers, vitamins and energy. Peace of mind. Because our bread is stress-free. Storye bread is free from any hurried production process or the artificial ingredients you might find in your average industrial loaf! Scientists have proven that wholegrain rye bread* does an immense amount of good to our bodies

  • rye

    It all begins with the rye. Rye grains have been harvested by our ancestors for high-energy nourishment for thousands of years. Our bread is made from only the sturdiest strains of rye harvested in the harsh climate of northern Europe. Long winters demand explosive growth during the short summer season. This jam-packs the grains with a hearty bundle full of essential nutrients.

    natural process

    In fact, rye bread has a special relationship with the timber that fires the oven and the wooden tools used to make the bread. Only bread prepared, handled and stored with wooden utensils will come out just right. From the bowls used to shape the dough, to the long-handled oven peel - the baker's shovel, which helps our bakers shoot the freshly-kneaded loaves of dough directly into the oven depths. It's the natural way of making bread

    our promise

    We will never rush the making of our bread by introducing speedier yeasts or chemical preservatives. Classic Rye Bread, Classic Rye with Carrots, Fine Rye and the wonderful Fine Rye with Fruit & Nuts – all our breads are entirely natural and utterly honest.It’s time real slowbaked rye bread returns to America. To stay. * Our Classic Rye and Classic Rye with Carrots contain 100% wholegrain rye

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